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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Uskmouth Power Station new owners SIMEC step into the breach!

With the closure of Uskmouth Power Station and the laying off of the workforce by SSE Power, work on our Community Boat had ground to a halt.

We are delighted to announce that the new owners, SIMEC have agreed to continue with the work where SSE Power left off. With a fair wind, fabrication and welding works should therefore be complete within a few weeks.

SIMEC are a large international company with interests in shipping, industry, mining, energy and commodities, hence the name! As well as Uskmouth Power Station, they also own the nearby MIR (formerly Alphasteel) Steelworks.

We are also delighted to hear that power is once more being generated at Uskmouth, with plans to convert the boilers from burning coal to biomass fuel.

We welcome the company to Newport and give them our most grateful thanks for helping us with the project.

Heron's Rest Marina comes to the rescue!

Heron's Rest Marina, near Crickhowell will be providing us with the space to undertake the internal fit-out of our Community Boat, and when complete, a facility to launch it into the canal. We are extremely grateful to Richard and Ian for their timely, generous help and assistance.

Promat Come on-board!

We are delighted to announce that Promat have generously agreed to supply us with PROMARINE non-combustible boards for fitting out the inside of our Community Boat. Promat is alarge international company who supply specialist products to the shipbuilding industry for the construction of gigantic cruise liners, container ships and oil platforms. Supply materials for fitting out our 55 foot long Community Boat will be a big challenge for them, but I am sure that they will rise to it!! Seriously, we are very grateful to them for offering us their support.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Work on Community Boat Restarts

We are delighted that SSE staff at Uskmouth Power Station have again been able to commenced work on our Community Boat.

The re-plating of worn sections of the steel hull have been completed, with some superb quality welding.  The rudders at either end have been carefully removed and repositioned nearer to the propellers, which means that this large craft will have an improved tiller response.

Work is now well under way to re-model the cabin sides to create new passenger doors and additional larger window openings.  This will allow easier passenger boarding and improved vision from the cabin.  Once this job is done, it’s then on to cleaning down the hull, removing years of rust and flaking paint before re-painting can commence.

On a sadder note, we are extremely sorry to hear about the staff redundancies and impending closure of the Power Station.  We wish those affected all the very best for the future.  We are extremely grateful to remaining staff at SSE Uskmouth, who have had a very difficult couple of years, for continuing with our project."

Thursday, 10 May 2012

We've Got The Power - Thanks to EnerSys, Newport

Two hundred years ago pulling power provided by horses enabled the canal system to function. On the Mon and Brec one horse, two men and a boat replaced around two hundred horses - it was an amazing development in transportation at the time. Previously horses and carts and packhorses provided the main form of transport across country. The Industrial Revolution changed everything. Today it's all about engine power and our Community Boat will be electrically operated. However - we needed new batteries and they do not come cheap!

A solution to the problem was required - a Power/Full Solution - that we are delighted to announce has been provided by EnerSys Newport. EnerSys have very generously donated all the batteries that will be needed to operate the boat so now we've literally got the power to move forward - and it's environmentally friendly too! Our heartfelt thanks go to EnerSys Newport for their generous support of our project. 

It's all smiles from everyone at EnerSysNewportA big thank you to
Huw Leonard (Plant manager), Mark Laskey (Cell 3 Manager),
Sue Price (Reception), Wayne Coldrick (Applications Manager)
and, on the Fork Lift Truck Jason Price.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Starboard Hull Repairs Well Underway

Now that work has been completed on the hull's port side attention has turned to re-plating the starboard side and it's a big job.

The whole length of the boat will need to be re-plated - We cannot thank SSE enough for this superb work!

Photos by Wyn Mitchell

Rusted Rudders - What a Nightmare!

Restoration work is great when it goes well - but when the going gets tough it can be very difficult indeed! This proved to be the case when our trusty team of volunteers at the SSE Uskmouth Power Station had to 'coax' the rudders free from their housings.

But they were not to be defeated as the photo below of the empty rudder pin housing shows!